Fighting WordPress Website Hacks – Practical Meetup

This meetup was about exposing the latest hacks, how the hackers attack and how to secure your wordPress website.
Website hacking is not new to us and we have probably heard or even witnessed many hacking incidences in the past, the recent one being the hacks of data from the domain registrar and web hosting company Epik. (See for list of hacking incidents).

Hacks are everywhere, everyday, and not just in the WordPress community. Just know, Hackers like Anonymous are busy!

WordPress is the most used CMS with a market share of over 60%, and so, it is a target for hackers. WordPress almost entirely works on its plugins with a very well spanned database. It allows easy access to anyone who owns a website to make changes almost instantly. Hackers have become extremely agile and have also improved their tricks. They can insert a malicious code or via the SQL injection way to hack into a WordPress website. This will give them control over the website as well as the email IDs linked with it.

Watch video below.

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