How Our Team Won the Zoohackathon competition 2019!

On 16th – 17th November 2019, the US mission in Kampala together with Uganda Wildlife Education Centre hosted over 70 coders, researchers, designers for a two-day hackathon to solve challenges that are related to animal trafficking. All these individuals together made 13 teams. 10 problem statements from which each team could overcome a challenge of thinking, developing and presenting a technical solution that would provide good user experience and also curb down animal trafficking levels were provided.

Our team selected problem statement 8 and below was the challenge.

To support a global pride campaign by developing a new online engagement activity around the Sumatran rhino. To connect people with the Sumatran rhino and create a sense of empathy towards the species. 

For our hackathon project proposal, we request the construction of a new web platform for people to self-identify their own personality traits and discover their ‘inner Sumatran rhino’

We are compelled to share our experience since this was our first Hackathon.

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