Got something cool to show off? A new theme or plugin you’ve discovered (or even built yourself)? A neat function that solved a problem? A problem you were able to solve with some custom code? Come to the Meetup and show it off.

Got a nagging problem you can’t seem to solve? A question you’ve always wanted an answer to but were too afraid to ask? A conundrum of galactic proportions that only the united hive mind of the WordPress Entebbe Meetup Group can resolve? Come to the Meetup and ask the group.

We’re trying something new, and we need you to make it happen!

Show & Tell / Ask & Answer is a new concept we’re trying out to give more of you the opportunity to show off what you’re doing, get help with your issues, and give more people in the community the opportunity to experience the thrill of standing in front of an audience and present their ideas.

We’re giving you the opportunity to show off your amazing find, idea, or code, or to demonstrate a problem, to the crowd. You’ll have 10 minutes total, and you can do whatever you want in that time.


August 31


09:00 am - 11:00 am

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Entebbe WordPress Meetup


Nkumba University

Lyamutundwe, UG


Rogers Mukalele

Rogers Mukalele

ICT Enthusiast. Teacher. Web Developer. Full Profile:


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