Owning WordPress -The Anatomy of WordPress

Getting to know WordPress and Owning WordPress – The presentation covers the following aspects of WordPress ( What is WordPress, wp-config.php, .htaccess, Themes and Plugins, WordPress Database (12 tables), WordPress Database Schema, wp-admin, Gutenberg, File and Data Management, SSH / Command line, puttY, WordPress Command-Line – WP-CLI, WP-Cli Updates, Reinstalls, Uninstalls, The programming languages of WordPress, (PHP, HTML, Javascript, SQL), OOP Basics (Object-Oriented Programming – class, object, getters, setters, public, private, protected), WordPress Hooks, Actions and Filters, Plugins, Plugin Structure, Plugin Header, Plugin Activate, Deactivate, Uninstall, Themes, Theme Structure, Theme Template Files and Partials, Theme Template Functions ( get_header(), get_sidebar(), get footer(), get_search_form(), get_template_part()), Theme Templates, Theme Headers, Theme Styles, and more

Click here to download PDF https://www.researchgate.net/publication/340754658_Owning_WordPress_-The_Anatomy_of_WordPress

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